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Tarangi Resort

Tarangi is a unique ne retreat in Uttaranchal, north India. tarangi sprawled in 12.8 acres of land is blessed by nature itself and is a “Dev Bhumi”. On one side there is world known “Jim Corbett National Park” a heaven for the wild life admirers, and on the other side it is and flanked by the beautiful Kosi river, it lies in a place blessed for millennia by nature. Tigers, leopards and wild elephants still roam these mighty forests and in the evenings, from the retreat centre itself, chital deer, rhesus monkeys and peafowl may be seen coming to drink water at the river. Also you can see peacocks dancing here. Completely surrounded by the silent forest of the national park, tarangi is the home of the mother nature.

tarangi's 21 cottages have been built, furnished and decorated to provide for the comfort of the centre's guests, where possible using local natural materials and crafts, and always employing local craftsmen. Every cottage here is designed in such a way that you never feel engulfed in palisades. Luxury of being simple is the concept. Everything reminds you about the nature not the materialism. They have tried to preserve the nature as found it. The centre has an attractive dining room, overlooking the Kosi river, where vegetarian meals are served. Most importantly, it also has spacious, secluded halls devoted to meditation and yoga-asana practice, in addition to spa where different kind of massages are available. An attractive amphitheatre provides a space for evening talks and outdoor activities. In tarangi the landscaping is an excellent combination of forest trees, beautiful flowers, exotic herbs, rare verities like rudraksha and vejayanti mala, paddy fields, vegetables and much more. You can immerse yourself into gardening and revitalise yourself with these uncommon plants and trees.

Here you can unwind, detox, reconnect with nature through river’s music, wild animals’ sound, birds’ chirping. Night is especially beautiful in tarangi. The silence of river, glinting pebbles in moonlight, tweedling birds set your mind free from conventional trappings of this world. Sitting in open in night time seeing the stars in the sky bring you back to yourself. tarangi is an abode of joy. Walk barefoot in the sand on riverbank, this itself is a meditation. They say “meditation is put your mind aside and watch”. The whole surroundings in tarangi help you in enjoying your own company. You don’t need to try to meditate, rather meditation comes to you naturally without making any efforts. One session of yoga can inspire you to lead a healthy lifestyle for your whole lifetime. Yoga and meditation are practiced everyday by each staff member as well and that is the reason that they treat their guests as “atithi devo bhav”. The beauteous views of meditation and yoga halls on the river bank give you an opportunity to enjoy the silence.

Tarangi is a non-denominational retreat centre. While surrounded by ancient sites of significance to the Hindu faith - the most sacred towns of Haridwar and Rishikesh on the banks of the Ganga are close by - Tarangi is open to sincere practitioners of all faiths. Tarangi welcomes inquiries from the organisers of spiritual retreats, meetings and small conferences. If you would like more information on Tarangi and our activities, please contact us.

It is recommended to reserve well in advance to get the desired accommodation. There are 21 air conditioned cottages in three types– Garden, River and Suite - are available to suit your taste and needs. Maximum accommodation is for 40 persons at a time.
Cottages are grouped in three types namely, Garden, River and Suite. We provide you with well appointed, air conditioned rooms with thick foliage around. All décor and furniture in each room have been crafted with eco friendly natural wood crafted by local carpenters. In order to encourage rural employment, local villagers and artisans have been employed. You will find plenty of natural light and air in and around the cottages. Aesthetically designed cottages are well lit inside and outside during nights. Each cottage provides you privacy and luxury in perfect ambience. Modern bath fittings, hot and cold shower, luxurious mattresses, elegant furniture and telephone connection are available in all rooms. Our dedicated staffs maintain the cottages immaculately clean.

You can enjoy the expanse of the sky and mountains and the flowing river Kosi from the ‘riverside cottages’. You can watch the peacocks and deer on the other side of the river bank. You can leisurely watch the Sun rise and Moon rise from your bedroom. You can hear the noise of the mountain winds, copious river waters and the intermittent calls of the birds all the time. No other noise pollution will disturb you.

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