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Wild Tuskeer Lodge

The Lodge offers 12 comfortable, elegantly furnished rooms. The rooms have been built to provide a clear view of the surrounding landscape, with minimum disturbance.

The property itself has generous open spaces and greenery due to which cheetal, sambhar, friendly tuskers and wild-boar often frequent the area. You may even sight these animals while sitting in the verandah of your cottage or the restaurant.

As a part of this commitment towards the environment six cottages of WTL rely on solar energy for electricity and solar water heating. Further, to lower our energy consumption and carbon foot-print we use LED lights and lanterns (solar-powered) extensively.

Also for your comfort, we offer limited air-conditioning at night and during the day, through a canopied green-power generator. To interfere least with nature we want to maintain the Lodge as an extension of the surrounding forests and haven’t used any bright lights. This insures, as night falls silence descends, nature takes over. And you can experience the magic of the fabled Indian jungles.

Our main aim is not only to provide excitement and adventure to visitors, but to promote a brand of ‘educational tourism’ which acquaints them with deeper issues of conservation of nature and wildlife protection.

A number of treks can be undertaken in the adjoining forests. 
Safaris & Other activities
As a tribute to Corbett, that lover of the terai forest and his numerous spell binding stories that eloquently capture the beauty this region, the WTL seeks to give a flavor of his adventure to its guests. This includes special walks and treks on the very routes used by Corbett in his stories. Visit to some of the pivotal spots mentioned in these tales and a comprehensive collection of his books and biographies. 

A One day trip to Kanda rest house which lies on the northern border of the Park .The 3 hour road trip from Wild Tusker Lodge to Kanda, is a steep dirt road that passes through a picturesque terrain. Journey includes traversing through the thickest of Corbett jungles. In the year of 1933 Corbett shot dead the man-eating tiger of Kanda here.

A One day trip to Lohachaur in the western part of the Park. This is a one and half hour journey. An old forest Bungalow of Corbett era exists here. This is situated high in midst very thick forests on the banks of river Ramganga. 

Note: Trips inside the Park which include the above destinations are permissible only after prior notice.

 Some other activities:

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